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Dub DeBrie
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Dub supermanDub DeBrie is a self proclaimed Musical addict and claims that doing anything else for a living would put him into a suicidal depression. Fortunately for us all, being a fantastic musician is the only thing for which Dub claims he is qualified. Dub was born a musician in East Bay California and started singing as a child in church and school. At age 19 he picked up a guitar and was such a natural, one-year later, he recorded his first LP in New Mexico.


Dub4 Dub spent the next ten years traveling around the Western United States playing in various bands with his musical partner Billy Ware whom he met in Denver. At age 30 Dub moved to Oregon, and after a short break began playing and recording with a variety of bands in the Northwest, and Alaska. In 1985 Dub released his second album "Scattered Debrie", which was re-released in 1998. Dub has always had an interest in comedy and after a brief solo career he tried stand-up musical comedy. Dub, however, grew tired of being a clown and in the late 1980's returned to music holding jam sessions with various musicians from all over the Northwest.

Dub1It was in 96 at one of these sessions where he met Anne Kessler with whom he became musically and romantically involved and eventually married. In 1999, Dub released his third album "The Cheese". He claims that it took him 2 years to "Cut the Cheese." But this album is anything but cheesy. Filled with masterful guitar playing and powerful vocals, this album will appeal to anyone who enjoys well written and performed music.

Dub3Traveling around the U.S playing and performing a wide variety of music with the likes of Randy Newman, Steven Stills, Sandra Bernhart, Al Stewart, Hot Tuna, Dave Mason, Elaine Boosler, David Crosby and Dionne Warwick to name a few, has helped Dub develop a diverse style that transcends categorization. In fact if given the choice he would prefer his music not be categorized. Call it Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Classical, whatever your ears pick out.


Dub2Giving it one name would limit the audience who might enjoy his music. The diversity of Dub’s music is reflected in his influences. J.S. Bach, Ray Charles, Thelonius Monk, Van Morrison, Jerry Hahn, Jonathan Winters, Miles Davis and Joel Hodgson are but a few of Dub's Icons. Dub feels it is not about categorizing a sound, it’s about passion and emotional honesty. Dub DeBrie wants his music to touch people and let them know they are not alone.



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