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Monkeys & Pie, Vol. 1

Monkeys & Pie
You Are So Wonderful
Renaldo the Big Baby
Jocky Full of Bourbon
You Don't Know Me
I Only Have Eyes For You
What Would It Be Like
Fishin' Blues
The Weight
Why Can't We Live Together
White Rabbit

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

This CD was recorded in the studio in 2011 and 2012, with a mix of our new Originals and some insanely popular covers we do.

We have most of Vol. 2 recorded and will get working on mixing as soon as we can!

Monkeys & Pie, Vol. 1

3 Piece Jukebox

Ring Of Fire
Into The Mystic
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Bolero Fernando
Walk On By
Flowers On The Wall
The Lonely Bull
Damn Your Eyes
PinBall Wizard
Blue Shadows
Man Of Constant Sorrow
None Of It Means A Thing

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

This CD was recorded "live" in the studio to bring you the experience of our live performances.

The songs chosen were some of our most popular requests. They are "covers," meaning they have been previously recorded, even by us!

We have also included three bonus tracks which were recorded in Conroy-DeBrie's infancy (wait for the ten-second pause at the end of the CD).

3 Piece Jukebox
Everybody's Favorite Christmas Album

The Chipmunk Song
The Little Drummer Boy
Carol of the Bells
Variations- J.S. Bach
Silent Night
We Three Kings
Light a Candle
Matter of Time
Winter Song
O Come O Come Emanuel
A Holly Jolly Christmas

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

The title speaks for itself!

A mix of traditional Christmas songs and original songs, the whole CD reflects the joy of anticipation of the holidays.

Largely instrumental, this CD is perfect for basking in the glow of Christmas and makes THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT! Check out there new release “Conroy-DeBrie Presents” for a great STOCKING STUFFER!!!

Everybody's Favorite Christmas Album
Conroy-DeBrie Presents

Azure Sea
In The Name Of God
See You Again

$4.99 +S&H ($2.00) USPS

This is the first release by the Trio of original material that isn’t Christmas music. The group, now around 3 years old, has recorded 3 new songs to be joined by the rest of the album when they finish writing it!

These songs were in such HOT DEMAND they couldn’t wait!

Because there are only 3 songs THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Only $4.99 + S&H!

Conroy-DeBrie Presents
The Cheese Stands Alone

The Mambo Kings Play Songs Of Love
Strong In My Heart
Bolero Fernando
Samba DeBrie
One More Magic Nite
The Ballad of Cowboy Rod
If I Need Someone
Light A Candle
One More One More Magic Nite
Somebody Lift Me Up

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

The Cheese Stands Alone

A collection of original songs of romance i.e. Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, heartfelt ballads, i.e. If I Needed Someone, to rousing instrumentals ala Carlos Santana like Samba DeBrie. This is a collection of guaranteed winners! A MUST HAVE in every home!

The Cheese Stands Alone
# csa1995
Take Me Home

Love Me Like A Man
None of it Means a Thing
No Place to Hide
The Rub
Take Me Home
Stand Tall
Shining Star
Parkin' Lot Dreams
At Last
I Dream of Love

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

Take Me Home

A collection of mostly original songs, written from the heart, produced by Dub (some are about Dub!).This mix spans the genres from Gospel to R & B to a Reggae version of Dub’s “None of it Means a Thing” to Jazz to the Etta James standard, “At Last” which Dub DeBrie calls “the definitive version”! Take This Home Today!

Take Me Home
Scattered DeBrie

86 (Dark Between the Stars)
Long Gone Lullaby
A Green Monkey Dreams About Butterflies
Hey Princess
The 24th Hour
I Will Find You
I Am A Stranger
Do You Love The Moon Like I Do

$14.99 +S&H ($3.00) USPS

Scattered DeBrie

Another collection of original compositions of rock, blues & ballads with lyrics to make any girl swoon and any guy can relate to. The musicianship is very much Dub DeBrie meaning EXCELLENT! Don’t leave home without this!!

Scattered DeBrie
# sdb1985

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