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Anne DeBrie
Anne DeBrie


Anne as a young girlThe young Anne DeBrie was busy making plans to conquer the world! Should she take it by force? No, no...Maybe through the Joy of Music! Yes, that's it!! She reveled in her clever idea. What fun she would have! But wait...Should she conquer alone? No! She'll have a partner. He must be strong and mighty and have his very own guitar! He shall play faster than a speeding bullet, their voices more powerful than a locomotive. This dynamic duet shall leap tall buildings in a single bound! But first...


The Rubbermaids Anne started learning her craft by singing at the top of her lungs in the crib at approximately 3:00am every morning without fail. Her excited parents invested in ear plugs. As soon as she could reach the piano she was creating works of art (with peanut butter & jelly) and composing short, uplifting numbers such as "Oh, Grandfather, You Are Dead."

Anne on drumsBefore Anne began her career as a singer and songwriter she became the drummer for an all female band in her native Kansas City, Missouri, the legendary RubberMaids. The RubberMaids played for three plus years calling it quits after receiving the RubberMaid Corporation's coveted "cease & desist" award.

Anne and DubBouyed by her resounding triumph, she spent the next 5 years honing her performance skills with such Kansas City notables as The NightCrawlers, The Rockafellas and Park Avenue with Marlon Bankston. Feeling the need for a change of scenery, Anne moved West settling temporarily in Los Angeles, Ca. There she sang at the House of Blues by day and disguised as a parking lot employee by night she observed and wrote of her experience and insights on Sunset Blvd. Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Anne felt a growing discontent. What could be wrong? Gradually, it dawned on her-There was too much sunshine in L.A. and Dub DeBrie was in Portland! She relocated after a couple of years to Oregon where she and Dub immediately began recording and gigging together.


Anne and SparkyTwo years later the long awaited debut C.D., Anne DeBrie 's "TAKE ME HOME" is now available! Six of the seven original songs combine Anne's well crafted and heart-felt song writing with Dub's tasteful arrangements and production. The C.D. is rounded out by Dub's original, "None of It Means a Thing" and three covers popularized by the Duo's fresh arrangements and strong performance. Anne DeBrie's vocals display a remarkable flexibility as she brings her own distinctive sound to song after song in styles ranging from gospel to pop to reggae. Sample her new C.D., "TAKE ME HOME" and purchase yours TODAY!



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